Wednesday, 18 January 2012

rising fromt the ashes

Due yo a friend of mine, Ive started back on my 15mm Naps collection. Over a game of the WH historicals Waterloo rules I was tempted to organise/rebase some of my older collection. Its quite scary how poor they are in the painting front as compared to my newer stuff, 4 years and a massive difference in quality. Which is annoying as I want to play, however i also want to repaint them....

Anyhow I decided to simply rebase them and within about 13 minutes I was again painting new French Naps.....

Pic to follow

As for the Waterloo rulebook. Smashing!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Some Cavalry testers



French Carabiniers

Monday, 15 August 2011

some more testers

6mm time....

Allways fancied it finally here it is

Adler French - Look far better then the pics. Not sure why, think its the camera being so dammed good it pics up all!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Sharp Practise


Ive switched to the prussians. Ive enough English and French to run some basic SP games now and I fancied something a little different, so Prussians it is. I started with some warlord plastic landwher and thought how nice they were, until I found calpe. My my, they are nice. You cant knock the warlord plastics, but my Calpe are good. Lovely to paint. I like them so much Ive 10 Landwehr Cav to arrive and some extra NCO's and officers for big man. Anyhow, back to painting. Ill add some pics of british and french some time soon

Some 28mm Prussians

First up some Calpe Volunteer Jaegers

Next some Warlord Games Landwher Infantry

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

28mm and Sharp Practise


After much encouregment and a nice game of Song of shakoes and drums Im going to attempt a Sharp Pratise from too fat lardies game. As it happens, for the British I have about 30 Line and 10 rifleman ready, another 20 being painted. For the french Ive about 20 French voltigurs ready, 6 Heavy Cav and about 40 Line being painted. The rifleman are Alban, british are vitrix and perry plastics (different shakoes be darned). All French are perrys with the line troops being plastic. The french are very quick to do, the british more annoying as I have to glue the parts together. Anyhow, pictures to follow

Friday, 13 November 2009

A few more pics of nearly, finished and almost

highlanders ready to base

Brunswickers Line

British Line - rifles to finish and base

British 'buffs' line infantry. First attempt of naps. Ive some more, I did the other day, I need to put up and compare

British highlanders for when i get round to finish my french....

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Some French

Here are some (nearly) completed battalions. One of french line/Young guard and one of Old Guary. They are taking on some British arty.
As for the cavalary they are 4th Regiment of Cuirassiers. Orange facings. They could also be the 5th or 6th

Painted minis

With over 100 infantry to paint, I took the plunge and have decided to give outsourcing ago. I looked at several painting services and decided on using a uk based one called MT models. First contact and dicussions with Mark at MT models have increased my confidence I will be getting a nice job. A little more expensive then sending them to reinforcements by post or fernados, however all near to home. Ive also had several bits of good feedback in regard to them to. So...they have been sent. Pics to follow as I have them

Friday, 6 November 2009

ok -what Lead I have.....

Heres a list of my current figures. Ill try to keep a diary on what stage each is at and show some photos as and when I can


Ive played Grand Armee fast play and Might and Reason for a number of years, so it seemed an obvious choice to have a go at Sam Mustafas, soon to be released LaSalle series. Its rumoured to be out in November and hopefully Mike at BlackHat miniatures will be able to get them in soon after that. The other reason, is simply how good AB figures really are. They are so nice to paint up, they look brilliant and you get brilliant service from Fighting 15's, its uk seller.
Anyhow Lasalle games is part of the new honour system, which is made up of Lasalle and Blucher games. Each uses the same basic rules and concepts and more importantly basing. In Lasalle a unit of 4 Infantry bases count as a battalion. In blucher, I believe 1 unit of infantry will equal one battlation. The lassalle basing Ive chosen to use, is 4 x 2 figures on a 40mm wide base and its width being 25mm. In fact, thanks to the British post service, Im still waiting on some precut bases, dispatched over a 10 days ago. The same basing size is being used for my cavalry and Im putting 3 figures on each. In Lasalle 4 bases equal 1 battalion both horse and cavalary. I believe in some cases, you can have large battalions (6 bases) to represent the Austrians. As im starting with the french and a few brits, Im not in need of that.
Ok, so I know the bases and I know Ill need Infantry, Cav and Arty I can begin to build my army. Which will come next.......

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Test - some pics

CGM British Heavy Dragoons

AB - Old Guard in Greatcoats